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Africa Night is a monthly gathering of lovers of African music. This event which started in 1998, is the longest running of its kind in Europe. A typical Africa Night attracts 200 people of whom the majority are in the 25-45 years old segment. Most of these are highly educated, fashion conscious people of African and European origin. Africa Night has in the past been held in Maastricht, Rotterdam, Almere, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Eindhoven and even in Krefeld, Germany. Africa Night is  currently held monthly in Antwerp & Genk in Belgium, Tilburg & The Hague in The Netherlands.

As the organisers of this unique monthly event, Africa Night Productions has an enormous reach and influence within the target group. Through music, Africa Night promotes African culture in The Netherlands and beyond. Its Facebook page has over 6000 likes while the Africa Night website attracts an average of 100,000 unique page views per month. For those who want to get their message across to an Afrocentric target group, Africa Night is the obvious choice! Africa Night an advertiser’s dream. Link up with us to explore how Africa Night can partner your organisation to reach your desired target group.

Please click here to go to the Africa Night website or check out this video for an inside look into Africa Night