Afrikalinks ( is the start page website with hyperlinks to everything related to Africa. This start page was established in 2006 and to date is the only purely Africa-focussed start page in The Netherlands. has more than 100 sub-domains with every African country having her own specific page. There are also theme pages like travel, books etc. It is an information melting pot for everyone looking for fast information about Africa. Afrikalinks has a clean, fresh and easy-to-navigate interface. The information on its pages is constantly updated to reflect present developments. has an average of 120,000 page views per month serving as a useful bridge for people interested in or travelling to Africa. is therefore a very interesting advertisement and profile platform for businesses and organisations wishing to reach groups of people who are interested in whatever way in Africa. has a high Google ranking and its pages are easily found in all the search engines. Behind the scenes the Afrikalinks pages are current under re(construction) to bring them fully into the next level.

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