Partner with us for more visibility within the African Diaspora!

Africa Web TV stands boldly out when it comes to the quality and the subjects it chooses to cover. Africa Web TV started broadcasting at the end of June 2012 and has established itself as the premier Africa themed (web) channel in The Netherlands. Africa Web TV carefully picks the subjects.

Africa Web TV provides a unique opportunity for organisations and individuals seeking a recognisable profile within the African community. Africa Web TV is work in progress and it is growing in stature every day. The Africa Web TV website has an average of 50,000 unique visitors per month on the main site and its blogs. Its Youtube channel has more than 1,300,000 views in the past 4 years. Its Facebook page has more than 5900 likes. Africa Web TV provides a unique platform for organisations seeking an inroad within the growing African Diaspora in Europe and the rich continent of Africa. Whether it is through short promo or a profile video, organisations and individuals can tell their stories the way they want them. If pictures tell a thousand stories, videos do tell a billion more!

If you have a business, a (non-profit) organisation or an event, we invite you to get in touch with us. We are in the business of helping you expand your visibility.

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